Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Jan 2012 Desktop Calendar

P lough deep while sluggards sleep!

Hi Friends, here goes my first Desktop Calendar for you all. The image is simple, yet very expressive. 

Shot at our own Elliots Beach, Chennai. This lil guy was so brisk and busy right in the morning under the warm Sun. The way this bug huddled that mighty sand ball was a great sight to watch. It was no cake walk. Having lots of struggles on board, never did it give up, not even for a sec. It continued its journey on and on, rolling its mighty treasure on the never ending beach dunes, it covered a huge distance, that i could never imagine for a bug. After some point, as it kept moving far away from where i was resting, i slowly lost sight of it, just like an air plane soaring fast and diminishing to a mere dot and then vanishing into thin air. 
Moments like this make life what it is. 
To me this image spoke of Hard work, Perseverance, Beauty, Life, Survival and much more. Let me know what the image spoke to you (If at all it did ;) lol).

**Below, the image is available in eight different sizes. If you want this Photo Desktop Calendar all you have to do is, scroll through and select your preferred size, to suit your computer desktop resolution. Also sizes available for iphone and ipad. Click on the size (resolution) link to open image, then right click and save image. 
**If your monitor or phone screen doesn't fit to any of the resolutions or sizes list given below, please let me know so that i can upload the image to suit your screen.
Please leave your suggestions and comments below :) 
P.S: Sorry for releasing the Jan calendar so late (got the calendar idea just a few days back, hence the delay). Will try to upload faster in the coming months.

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  1. in this pic i could see the hard work of a bug struggling to lift something......... it didnt give up generally we human beings giveup easily we dont like to take much pain do do hard work but we hav learn these good things from little insects

    dis is wat d image spoke 2 me

  2. Aarthi, Super ma. Glad that it delivered what i intended. Even more happy that you shared it with me :). Thank you!