Friday, 3 February 2012

 Its February! The Cupids callin... :)

     If Music be the food of love, play on...

Aloha people :)! Can you believe? February is here already, even before we could get used to the habit of writing 2012 correctly, instead of 2011. 

Well having said its February, its a no brainer that the theme is love. Love is in the air, glistening with all its glory. To the whole world, February represents a month to celebrate sweet love, even more so, to those who hate the whole valentine's concept, they still happen to think about love, by trying to hate it. 

I was hunting in my head, for the idea of a picture that speaks of love. You wont believe hundreds of images and ideas swamped my little brain. For a person to have watched endless movies and soaps, endless scenes depicting love flashed over. Starting from the cliched kissing-flowers, holding-hands, pecking birds, and what not..?? Lots of them were absolute crap. For a minute i thought whatever i come up with, is going to be a millionth depiction of the same cliche. 

That is when i realised, let me shut down all the movies and cinema junk that flashes in my mind, and think simple, and off the regular track. To derive, something that i would simply love, and that would represent love naturally. Voila! came the answer, Music! What else can speak of love more than music? But hold on, it isn't sound that i am working with, its light. How the hell am i to photograph music? 

The answer came in no time. The Violin it is!. The very instrument that was found by some genius, to glorify love. To me, a violin impacts the senses effortlessly. Be it, the attraction stage, the admiration stage, the courtship stage, Ecstasy stage, Quarrel stage, Can't live without stage, Have to live without -Pathos stage, Eternal in memories stage, or any other of the endless stages of Love, the Violin oozes out the perfect tune from its soul. 

It is like an unspoken partner of all the love that exists in this world. Not only of the romantic love, but also of the very abstract called love!.

Violin, apart from mesmerising with its sound, also represents love with its appearance as well. Accompanied always by a bow, it can never make music without it, if no music, then it merely is non existent. 
On the whole from the appearance to the soul, a violin is love, inside out. 

Hence, here comes two photo calendars of love a.k.a violin, for February 2012. 

Yes, i can almost catch your question, it is indeed my own violin, of which i know to play "Bits of Paper", the only tune that i learned. I can sense all that looks that you give me, after writing so much about the miracles of it, i only play a kindergarten rhyme out of it. I know its a shame! But i do hope that some day, i wud sack all my laziness and learn to play all those lovely tunes that i was talking about, with my love! But there is the world that plays,  only for the world that listens, hence i am well qualified to right about it. :)

Photos taken with natural light at my own den. 

Two photos because, i really couldn't choose between the two. Hence left the choice to you.
Hope you all like it. 
As always, you could share your thoughts, 
about the pictures or my thoughts on the blog. Anything and everything is welcome. 

People, let love rule! Cheers!!

**Two images available in various sizes, If you require a different size for your computer or phone, do let me know, so that i could upload. To download calendar, click the relevant resolution or size link of your choice, then right click and save image. 

                                                                                               Violin - Image 1

                                                                           Violin - Image 2

                                                                            Violin 1 - 1920*1080
                                                                             Violin 1 - Iphone

                                                                   Violin 2 - 1024*768
                                                                                     Violin 2 - 1280-1024
                                                                   Violin 2 - 1920*1080
                                                                        Violin 2 - Ipad
                                                                    Violin 2 - 1600*900
                                                                   Violin 2 - 1600*1200
                                                                   Violin 2 - 1680*1050
                                                                     Violin 2 - 1366*768
                                                                        Violin 2 - Iphone 


  1. violin..... wen i see this picture dat reminds me of the indian tradition,cool music and wat not dis pic tuk me to a new imaginary world loved it