Saturday, 2 June 2012

June Calendar
The ocean, multiple to a blinding oneness

Good life people! This months calendar features the mighty calm ocean, glistering on a silent dawn.
Made for the World Oceans Day, 8th of June.
The mightier the ocean, the deeper its secrets. Right from, how the lands came in to being to the little plankton afloat, the ocean knows it all.
Everything about the ocean is amazement. It shakes me to think that, the deep dark of an ocean with infinite mysteries buried within, could once have been a huge mountain, or vast plateau, with no water at all. 
Evolution formed the oceans, but would you dare to imagine evolution changing the site plan of the oceans now, once again? 
When near the ocean, with every wave touching our feet, the ocean is giving away a little something of those secrets that it knows, hoping for us to understand. But this is where god's design comes in, to keep the nature and man inside one sphere, and yet to keep them both very distant, so that, neither understands the other, making life uncertain and interesting all at the same time!

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  1. wen i see this remember an old hindi song humming in background lalala chand hooo yaa gulaaaaaam hooooo jo bhi ho tum khudaaaa ki kasam yaaaa jawaaan hoooo................