Wednesday, 2 May 2012

                                                                          Let green be, for there is no planet B!
                                                                                            Calendar - May'12

Hey everybody. Our calendar screams green this month. Recently came across the idea of, a day called, fascination of plants day, which is to be launched for the first time on the 18th of May'12 by the European Plant Science Organization. I then thought, this would be a perfect theme to publish in my calendar. Being a huge plant lover, it would be very me, to dwell on this theme.

We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon-di-oxide. Kinder garten science has taught this to everyone of us. But unfortunately, the science that has taught us the fact, has not taught us the sensibility to try and preserve nature's balance. 

Except for the utter necessities, no man has a right to destroy a tree unless he plants two in substitute. Have we ever realized that by destroying a colony of trees, we not only destroy the trees, but a whole Eco-system dependent on them. With this fast rate of depeletion of plants and trees, the whole chemical equation of the nature supporting the mankind is being altered. The sooner we realize, and act, the better it is. 

It is never late to go green! I am not going to propagate ideas to go green. We all know hundreds of them already. All i am insisting is that, the knowledge is not enough, action is. 

Let us plant as much trees as possible in our lifetime. The joy of touching a fruit that is gifted from the little seed that we sowed years back is priceless. It is not going to cost us a fortune, but the benefits we reap is immeasurable. 

Let trees live, for you to live. Love them back, for they have been loving mankind from the times of evolution.

For those of us movie buffs who watched Avatar's Pandora with awed open mouths, we all know deep down in our hearts that it was our mother earth being depicted there. It was not an imaginary fantasy world created, it is very true and living in your own backyard. We just have to open our eyes and look around, be silent and listen. Every creation in nature is a wonder that can never be fully understood by man, leave alone recreating. 

People, we cannot produce oxygen from thin air, but trees do it seamlessly, so why not plant millions of trees and breathe happily ever after?!!

This photo of the water plant was captured at Pichavaram, the second largest Mangrove forest in the world, located in Tamilnadu, India. 

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