Tuesday, 31 July 2012

 Calendar - August 2012

          friendship isn't a big thing... its a million little things..!

This photo was shot at one of the lil laundry locales in chennai, a small stream which gifts tens of washermen, their livelihood, as it tardily flows.. 

That day, initially it was just a mundane piece of scenery when i stopped by, and to add to my hard luck, those very few people who usually work there, were also scarcely seen, not working , only with a few lazy buffaloes grazing in a distant piece of greenery. 

Just when i thought to myself, why did i ever come for a photo to this dull location, a group of kids of the washermen arrived on the scene. Before my eyes could follow, they jumped right into the stream, and started the show, only for me to realise how lively that place actually is. 

No money, no fancy parties, no gadgets, no branded clothes to brag about, no cozy dine-outs, yet, what i saw there was undoubtedly, the most fun-filled hangouts ever.. all they had were their friends, and boy, did they know to enjoy. They pranked, pushed, fought, held, hooted and somersaulted. It looked like they had zero number of things to worry about, as though the whole world was theirs. It was pure enjoyment with no fake emotions tagged.

 There was this unmissable, dose of care and closeness among them, the way they walked with their shoulders pinned, how they pushed each other in to the water, yet watched their backs, and raised each other back on feet, six of them sharing from one split toffee, and much more, smiley moments. For sometime, their happiness naturally energised my brain cells. While taking photos, i realised that, behind my camera, along with the shrunk eyes looking through the small view finder, there were also these smiling lips. I got reminded that happiness is only what we make it. And when there is a friend by the side, always ready, waiting with a pinch of salt to season, no place is tasteless or lifeless. 
P.S - Also learned that a little patience would always yield. Had i walked back thinking what i thought, i would have missed this photo and mainly the experience.


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