Saturday, 1 September 2012

Calendar September 2012

The traveller sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.

Hi everyone! September 27th is the world tourism day. Along with the calendar i wanted to write a bit about traveling Vs touring. Starting with an age old comparison, if touring is expected to be like a blooming flower,  traveling could only be compared to the bumpy roots (expectations irrelevant) Old comparison yes, but it literally fits with the characteristics. A tourist would have a “plan” fixed, from the shelter to the destination. Expecting “magic” to happen throughout the journey. Waiting to accept only pleasure, and be agitated at even the tiniest stumble stone. Hoping that the tour that they embark upon, would serve as the savior to their dull existence and be "that historic break" to their mechanical life. Hence nothing less than a seventh heaven is expected from a tour. Nothing wrong with the expectation part, but something that a tourist largely fails to understand is that, the real seeing is not about visiting a new place, but is something, from within their selves.

On the other hand, “ a traveler” a soul that has accepted the journey itself as its home. Neither does a traveler cling on to a map, nor is he hesitant to merge with the spirit of the situation thrown at him. Clumsy, rough, feisty, happy, lucky, magical, a traveler naturally comes to enjoy the moments from within.

I believe there is no better way to embrace life and actually do some living, than traveling. To fly high with no destination in mind. Wouldn’t it be legendary to study the mysterious world that we have been dropped into, and shape our thoughts with some real experiences, rather than trying to read the life and thoughts of others through some random books?  No complaints about reading, but if "travel" is the book that we read, wouldn't it be larger than life?

To embark on such a travel is my dream. And i hope some of you are on the same page as i am.

About the photo, to anyone from the southern part of India, this image is nothing new. There are numerous pictures of the same kind, of our gorgeous Mahabalipuram shore temple. But there is a reason why it is being captured so many times. Every single time, this scenery beautifies the picture and every picture taken will gratify its beauty.
And i am too weak to overlook its sheer beauty, hence here I am bearing one of my versions of the historic “Shore temple”. And to me, the little bird effortlessly completes the whole picture.

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