Friday, 2 March 2012

    March has Marched in..
    One is not born a woman, one becomes one!

Hey people, lets welcome March with warm hearts!

March is special in many ways, out of which one unmissable day is the women's day.
A day dedicated to women, without whom no one else wouldn't have any day at all.

The calendar this month captures the essence of womanhood, through a collage of few precious moments.
Im hoping these moments captured, apart from visually trapping the attention, will bring forth, the deep etched memories of the special women in your own lives.

The caption "One is not born a woman,one becomes one" by Simone de Beauvoir, neatly capsules the infinite intricacies of womanhood. A woman is not a woman merely by her birth, and what nature destined to be her physical self. A woman becomes a woman, molded by her thoughts, character, behaviour, conduct, nature, above all with her true inner spirit. A woman always gets to choose her social role, to make the world that we know better.

Let us celebrate the womanhood, cherishing every second gifted to us. Let us carry on being the fulcrum of the family and social structures that are built upon us, with utmost trust that a woman never quits.

Speaking of the photographs, each of them are taken at different times and places. The little girl by the swing, playful and fearless, tempting us all to just get out there and scream joy. The girl with a balloon, not settling for just that one, and eying for more, the lil girl hidden behind her brother, intimidated to be on the spotlight, but still ready to bear all the weight, to make sure her brother is held high, the women on the beach, positioned to symobilze the "becoming woman" phenomenon, they all stay true to their womanhood in their own way.

All of the shots are candid, except the shot of the girl with her brother, but still i consider it candid because , the girl dint know that, she was the one being snapped, and thought it was her brother. Just like her mother insisted, while taking the snap, to hold her brother still, and good for the camera.  She would be surprised to see that she hit all the spotlights, if at all she comes across my photograph :).

**Calendar available in nine different sizes. Just click on the resolution or size, that would fit for your desktop, and right click to save image. If you require a different size other than provided, i will be more than happy to upload.

Hope you like it people.. stay connected, meet you again in a month!



  1. month of march reminds me of hot sun marchpast in schooldays......

  2. lol..!! when you talk abt tht, i too get reminded of the days when, i always wondered if, all the students will ever do it in unison for once, without heading with the wrong legs. Never has it happened. when one starts with right leg, the next fellow starts with the left. Full on confusion and fun. Beautiful school days!!