Sunday, 1 April 2012

We become dancers this april, no fools! ;)

Dancing is like Dreaming with your feet!

Hey everybody! Its time for our next calendar in line. This month's image, is of a dreamy dance posture. Captured while shooting the ballerina (my niece Trisha), who was showcasing one of her elegant postures to my shutter. Amidst the busy shooting, this position of her legs caught my interest suddenly, i dint miss to grab a few snaps of these dreamy legs and moved on with the shooting.
Later on, when i was reveiwing the photographs, to my surprise, these pictures stood unique out of the whole lot.
The legs featured separately speaks of the Universal dance, instead of categorizing with the form. It connects instantly with our minds, and conveys, beauty, style, elgance, and the joy of dance. This image does exactly what the caption says, those legs, are indeed dreaming!

So i thought this would make the perfect image for April. The international dance day falls on April 29th. Why not dedicate a space for this beautiful art form that we all, 
admire in awe when the professionals act, 
or attempt a shake when they sleep intact! :)

Lets shake the floor bigtime friends! Have a Happy Dancing April!

**Calendar available in various sizes for desktops ipad and iphones. Do disturb me if you require a different size calendar. Or for any other suggestions or opinions.

**Click on the calendar size you wish to download, and then right click to save it to your computer.

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  1. sharp and pointed legs are very important for a dancer. i compare legs with the basemnt or pillar of the building that should be strong for a perfect posture